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CES 2017: Alexa is the Word as Amazon's AI Comes to More Devices

Amazon's artificially intelligent assistant is everywhere from appliances to vehicles.
Handout image of Amazon's one of two new voice controlled devices Echo Dot
Amazon's one of two new voice controlled devices, the Echo Dot. REUTERS/Amazon/Handout via Reuters

Get ready to make friends with more inanimate objects.

Alexa is the magic word at the Consumer Electronics Show this year as more companies roll out new experiences with Amazon's artificially intelligent assistant.

So far, more than 7,000 companies have integrated Alexa into their products.

On Wednesday, Ford announced Alexa would be an extra passenger in many of its vehicles, adding the technology into its Sync 3 infotainment unit.

Ford and Amazon have teamed up to offer drivers the ability to access their car from home and call up other features from their vehicle via Alexa.Ford