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Cops take Twitter with 24-hour crime tweet-athon

ambitious campaign inspired by impending budget cuts are delighted with the possibilities the #gmp24 project is no joke

  • @robsmithitv: Hard to believe a single police officer can be called to dozens of incidents in a day, and none of them be classed as a crime. #gmp24
  • @bird42: My Bro works in a 999 control centre, not for GMP. He has wearily affirmed that #gmp24 is just like his life. I will be nicer to him.
  • @TheVanquish: I think @gmp24_1 have done a great job today highlighting how people abuse the 999 system #gmp24
  • @realiancollins: Looking at #gmp24 tweets and wondering whether 'youths' and/or fireworks will trend in Manchester just from the police tweets!!

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