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Crazy cartoon explains AOL/Huffington Post merger ... sort of

\"What a world! What a world!\"
\"What a world! What a world!\"

So very many questions surrounding AOL's $315 million purchase of content aggregating blog Huffington Post, none of which are answered in the latest intepretation of the news by everyone's favorite Tawianese animation outfit, NMA. 

The same creative types who used their mad SIMs skillz to bring us Ninja Steve JobsTiger Woods' car accident, and that one time Justin Bieber had syphilis, recount the history of  the Huffington Post and AOL in hyperbolic detail.

SEE Ariana Huffington manage her journalism empire via a flaming "Wizard of Oz" style puppet head!

HEAR about how Huffington knew her ex-husband was bisexual even before she married him!

WATCH AOL CEO Tim Armstrong fight a Bebo monkey and ride the wild seas of AOL's ever increasing content properties, including TechCrunch, Engadget and MovieFone! (Shout out to my Urlesque besties, one of AOL's many, many ... many AOL content properties not pictured here!)  

In the end, you'll be more confused than ever ... but you'll get to see a fighting monkey!

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