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'The Daily' will be first iPad-only newspaper

iPads, including an image of one competitor for The Daily: The New York Times (Courtesy of Apple)
iPads, including an image of one competitor for The Daily: The New York Times (Courtesy of Apple)

Don't say an old dog can't learn new tricks.

Rupert Murdoch, head honcho of the News Corp. and Fox News, is investing $30 million and a staff of about 100 to create and run The Daily, the first newspaper available only on the iPad and other tablet devices, scheduled to roll out early next year.

The New York Times media columnist David Carr explored the prospect in great detail.

Some of his observations that caught my eye:

  • The Daily will still retain some of the more archaic aspects of a print newspaper in that it will be produced into the evening and "printed" in the morning. Updates will come, but not like we're used to with news websites now. 
  • Even more bizarre: "The Daily will have no inbound links from other sites, and nothing outbound either." 
  • For the most part, it will produce original content, although Fox Sports will provide some video. Murdoch is bringing some heavy hitters into the new project: The New Yorker music critic Sasha Frere-Jones, ABC News TV producer Steve Alperin and Page Six's Richard Johnson.
  • While millions of readers were lost when News Corp. moved The Times of London and The Sunday Times behind a pay wall in July, the Daily can start with a clean slate having never been free. It will have an "easy payment" format. 

It seems like The Daily has this opportunity to hit the ground running, being born in the digital space, but already it has chains around it. Carr thinks aloud:

It seems sensible to wonder: who is going to bring old habits to a new environment? The people who own or will buy an iPad have become used to a Web browser as their prism on the news, not a newspaper and its editors.

John Koblin at Women's Wear Daily reported more details: The Daily will be in beta mode before the new year, around Christmas, and will cost 99 cents for a 7-day week subscription, or $4.25/month. WWD also reports that the newspaper will go beyond the iPad to other tablet devices beginning in 2011, so they won't be missing those growing number of Android consumers.

According to WWD, The Daily will be a national publication. As in any competitive newsroom, breaking stories will be valued. While there are no foreign bureaus, or even a D.C. bureau, the New York-based reporters will be engaging in a lot of political coverage and will most likely have teams in place for the 2012 elections. 

Koblin reports that The Daily will probably have a "tabloid sensibility with a broadsheet intelligence ... Think of the project as The New York Post Goes to College, as The Daily is staffing up with a lot of bright, young twentysomething journalistic talent working at media properties throughout the city."

What do you think, readers? Does it have a chance? Would you pay for it?