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Devoted 'Diablo 3' players get 100 new levels

Diablo 3
\"Diablo 3\" players are getting more for their game with the new Paragon systemBlizzard

For those of you who have spent so much time playing "Diablo 3" that you've bumped your (virtual) heads up against the best-selling game's level 60 ceiling, there is good news. 

Blizzard announced it is rolling out a new Paragon system, giving players 100 new levels to grow through.

Blizzard is launching the Paragon system as part of patch 1.0.4 -- which should be complete by 1 p.m. PT, Tuesday. The Paragon system gives the most experienced and devoted "Diablo 3" players an extended system for progressing through the game.

"Diablo 3" has sold faster than any other PC game in history and yet it has had a rocky reception from players, thanks to the requirement that players always remain online.  Blizzard announced the Paragon system Monday after hearing that many "Diablo 3" players felt the action/role-playing game lacked content toward the end.

As Blizzard explained to the game's players:

We understand that some players feel frustrated once they hit level 60 because they no longer feel like they’re making progress. It can be demoralizing to play for an hour, not get any drops, and also be out a big chunk of gold from repair costs ... Everyone wants to feel like they’re making some progress when they log in, even if they don’t get that new sword.

Blizzard says the Paragon system works like this: After your character (or characters) hit level 60, the experience you earn from killing monsters will start moving you through the Paragon levels. Every Paragon level will reward players with boosted strength, dexterity, intelligence and vitality stats as well as improvements to magic and gold finding abilities. You'll also get a fancy border to go around your character's portrait so as to designate you as the Paragon you are.

For more details about the Paragon system and the fixes and tweaks arriving with patch 1.0.4 (including  improvements to the barbarian, demon hunter, monk, witch doctor, and wizard classes, follow this link.

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