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'Dishonored' interactive trailer lets you choose your plan of attack

"Daring Escapes" is a new interactive trailer that lets you choose how you would escape a situation in the forthcoming steampunk-themed action role-playing game "Dishonored."

The idea behind the trailer is to show you, the player, the different ways you will be able to tackle situations within the game. The most compelling element of "Dishonored" when I played the game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo was just that: I was able to chose my own play-style and come up with my own way of solving problems on the fly.

The game achieves this by letting you use multiple powers in unison. I was very happy to see how a simple set of powers could result and an incredibly fun amount of complexity while still being intuitive. You as a gamer are smart and "Dishonored" allows you the creativity to demonstrate that.

The trailer above is a small demonstration of what the game -- which launches Oct. 9 -- will hold. 

Let me know which method you chose in the "Dishonored" trailer by leaving a comment on my Facebook page.

And for an in-depth look at why "Dishonored" is a game to keep your eye on, check out the following video: