DJ on Wheels: Uber Will Let You Stream Your Spotify Playlists in the Car

Spotify and Uber are teaming up to let customers play DJ in the backseat when hitching a ride. Starting Friday, customers of the ride-sharing service Uber in some cities will be able to stream their own Spotify playlists through the car's speakers.

"For Uber, it's the first time we've personalized the experience inside the car. And for music lovers, that's nirvana," Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said on a conference call announcing the deal on Monday. Kalanick and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek declined to comment on the terms of the deal, but their responses to questions on the call indicated the partnership is about the customer experience and sharing audiences rather than money. "We're both trying to create elevated experiences," Ek said. The feature launches November 21 in 10 cities including New York, San Francisco, Stockholm and Sydney.

A member of the press asked about the potential "tension" for drivers who have to suffer through riders' music choices, but Kalanick downplayed the concern. Uber drivers will have to opt in to allow the feature in their cars, he said, and they'll be able to control the volume. So no terrorizing your poor driver with earsplitting death metal.

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- Julianne Pepitone