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Donkey Kong shelves are barrels of gaming fun

Donkey Kong shelves
Igor Chak

Los Angeles-based designer Igor Chak knows how to make gamers giddy with nerdish excitement. Just take a look at his shelving unit picture above and tell me your retro-gaming heart isn't going pitter-patter.

Chak's Donkey Kong-themed shelves are an old-school gamer's dream. But where did the idea come from? He writes in his blog:

So one day I was walking around the outskirts of the vintage digital game world “which I sometimes do, please don’t look at me weird”, I came across an old scenario that has been embedded in my childhood memory…The colorful steel beams of Donkey Kong and I started to wonder, what happens to all those video game props when games become old….do they get stored away in a digital world or do they fade away with time?  

He decided to put a fresh spin on the idea of old, steel beams. And so the shelf frames are made of carbon fiber while the tops are made of glass. Meanwhile the pixels are made of anodized aluminum. Chak says the shelves can support up to 60 pounds. (For more pictures check out Chak's website here.)

But that's not the only game-inspired home decor Chak has created. Check out his Space Invader couch pictured at left. 

Sadly, the shelves and couch are not yet available to the public, but Chak hopes to change that.

Regarding the couch in particular, he writes: "I really want to make this in to a reality, so if anyone is interested in building this or is interested on working with me to put this in to a limited production please feel free to contact me….thank you…"

Via Incredible Things

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