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Facebook adds weather forecast feature

Facebook event showing weather forecast.

Few things are worse than being caught without a hoodie or an umbrella if the weather at a get-together takes a turn for the worse. Facebook Thursday added a handy weather forecast to a number of spots across its massive platform.

Facebook events will now include a weather forecast if the event is 10 days away or less. Public pages, such as those for local parks and far-flung cities, will also include the weather. The new information will be included on both Web-based and mobile versions of Facebook.

Weather information is provided by Weather Underground. Each single-line entry will include a general forecast as well as the high and low temperatures for the day.

It's a small update for Facebook, but adding automatic weather updates to event pages could be a big help to users. Further, people can use the search bar to find weather for a particular location by typing in "Weather for New York City," for instance. This information is provided by Bing .

Facebook has begun rolling out its weather feature, so watch for it the next time you plan or RSVP to an event.