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Facebook Groups: Glitchy? Yes. Evil? Meh

Sure, start your own "People who love bunnies" group ... just be careful you don't accidentally quit, because you may NEVER GET BACK IN!!!!!
Sure, start your own "People who love bunnies" group ... just be careful you don't accidentally quit, because you may NEVER GET BACK IN!!!!!Facebook

Facebook's latest update, Groups Calacanis points out via his blog New groups vs. old groups … wait ... what? Old groups: New groups: Why should I even care about this "new" group thing?

  • Create shared docs for a class project
  • Chat with all the members of your band at once
  • Chat privately
  • Control who sees what

Don't other websites offer similar services? Gotcha. So how do I start a Facebook group?

  • Go to
  • Click "Create group"
  • Decide whether your group is 1) Open: Anyone can see membership and activity 2) Closed: Non-group members can see membership, but not activity or 3) Secret: Membership and activity is not shared with nonmembers.
  • Invite friends by typing names into the invite prompt. (Again, you can only add current Facebook friends, but your friends can in turn invite their friends.)

Wait. "Invite" friends? Ok, I quit a group I was added too. Then I changed my mind. Can I join again? Can I kick out a member I invited, then add that person again?

  • I added myself, deputy editor Wilson Rothman, and my boss.
  • I then deleted my boss — as a test, not because he necessarily does or doesn't like bunnies.
  • Then I added my boss back to my "People who like bunnies" group, and contrary to what Facebook claimed, he added back just fine. But …
  • I attempted to delete my boss again, and even though I was quite clearly clicked the "X" under my boss's name, I was deleted from my own group.
  • Wilson valiantly attempted to add me back and was not allowed. Through no fault of my own, I am now banned from the very "People who like bunnies" group I founded.

Downsides? Certainly this new Groups thing has downsides! receive What about my privacy?! My precious online privacy?! Facebook is attempting to play along . Can fellow group members who are not my Facebook friends actually see my private info? So, aside from being forced to "join" groups without first being asked, what can go wrong? Mercury in retrograde Helen A.S. Popkin is always going "blah blah blah" about online privacy, then she asks you to friend her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter ...because that's how she rolls. Related: Facebook gives you better privacy, personal info control