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Facebook hire-a-hitman plan backfires

If you want to hire a hitman, it's probably too expensive to take out an ad. And maybe too obvious, right? So what does a bright bulb do to save money and time? Puts it out there on Facebook. That gets you results — as well as charged with solicitation to commit murder and face 11 to 22 years in prison.

That's where 19-year-old Corey C. Adams of Pennsylvania finds himself now. Already in serious trouble, Adams had been charged with rape, but then made the situation worse by sharing his "help wanted" notice on the social networking site.

The saga began last June, when the 20-year-old victim in the case said after she left a party, Adams jumped into her car and raped her. She went to police. He went to Facebook.

That's where the victim said she saw the posting which offered $500 for a "a girls head," and she took that to police, too, according to a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

A second Facebook message from Adams said he "needed this girl knocked off right now," testified West Chester Police Det. Stan Billie, at Adams' preliminary hearing.

"During a subsequent interview, Billie confronted Adams about the Facebook entry, and Adams gave differing explanations before admitting that he was upset about the rape accusation, Billie testified," the Inquirer reported.

Upset? Also vile. And stupid.

Perhaps the smartest thing Adams did was sign a plea agreement last week for both the rape and solicitation to commit murder charges. He is still to be sentenced, but when he is, he could face one to two decades in prison.

It could have been worse for him. Adams' attorney told the Inquirer that his client " certainly limited the defenses that were available to him' by his public postings," and "could have faced 35 to 70 years in jail."

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