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Facebook just made the Like button annoying

In the past, clicking the Facebook Like button on a website resulted in a little one-line post showing up on your Facebook wall — something along the lines of "Rosa Golijan likes Some Totally Awesome Story on"

But now something rather intrusive and slightly annoying happens:


That's right. Now clicking the Like buttons on websites leaves large blurbs — complete with a thumbnail image and all — on your Facebook wall.

Inside Facebook remarked that this recent change basically makes the Like button behave like the Share button, so these types of posts won't be unfamiliar to users.

The button change probably won't bother most people either, but folks prone to hitting the Like button without thinking twice might suddenly become quite annoyed once they spot how littered their Facebook walls have become.

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Rosa Golijan writes about tech here and there. She may be obsessed with Twitter, but still loves to be liked on Facebook.