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Facebook relationship status change leads to arrest

Screenshot of Eric J. Wilson's Facebook page.
Screenshot of Eric J. Wilson's Facebook page.

Tip: when changing your relationship status on Facebook, try to give your significant other(s) a heads up about it first. It'll save you tons of grief, yelling, TV sets getting banged up and maybe even prevent an arrest.

Palm Bay, Florida resident Eric Wilson, 21, was charged Friday with battery domestic violence, a misdemeanor, after an altercation Thursday night over his changed relationship status on Facebook. 

An Eric J. Wilson on Facebook who lives in Palm Bay appears to be the Eric James Wilson charged with the crime, as documented in the Brevard County Clerk of Courts. There is certainly a resemblance between the smiling Facebook photo of man in a suit with a clearly noticeable wedding band and the not-quite smiling mug shot seen on local news reports. The Facebook Wilson recently changed his Facebook status from "married" to "single," which, as anyone knows who is on Facebook, can signal all kinds of drama. 

In this case, police reported being called to a house to follow up on calls about a disturbance, and pieced together this chronology of the evening: Wilson and a woman (reports do not identify her as his wife, ex-wife or someone else) got into an argument about his Facebook status. Obscenities were uttered and a TV set was broken. According to an Orlando-based news report, Wilson also allegedly "pushed the woman against a brick wall and threatened to shoot her."

He was taken to the county detention center and later released. He came back Saturday for a hearing, where a judge ordered him to stay away from the victim and that house. He is scheduled to return at the end of the month to face the battery charges.

With Facebook expanding to millions, perhaps billions more, through SIM card embedding, the chances of more misunderstandings like this are sure to increase. People: learn from this!

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