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Facebook is testing yet another profile redesign

Not a fan of the current Facebook Timeline design, pictured above? No worries, changes might be coming to the social network yet again -- though they'll be pretty subtle.Facebook

Facebook confirmed Tuesday that it's conducting a "small test" of a new Timeline layout, which may mean another profile redesign in the near future. 

Carl Franzen of Talking Points Memo was among the first to notice that a new Timeline design is being tested.

Franzen explains that the new layout isn't terribly different from the current Timeline design, but that it "creates subtle but noticeable changes to the top of user profiles, chiefly moving the user’s name, home location, occupation, education, and other basic information into a layer of text atop the 'cover photo,' the widescreen image that serves as the backdrop for a user’s profile."

This new design adds a new "Summary" tab to user profiles. Clicking this tab leads to a list of major "Life Events." Other changes include a renamed "Likes" section (it's called "Favorites" in the new layout) and some shrinking of other buttons which results in a "more streamlined design."

When asked about the new design, a Facebook spokesperson told confirmed that "this is a small test," but that the social network didn't "have anything further to share at this time."

I suppose that means we should probably keep our pitchforks and torches in the storage closet for a while longer, but given Facebook's track record for making design changes which rile up and alienate its users ... those tools of protest won't stay there for too long.

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