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Facebook's testing a way to nag you until you update your status


Facebook frequently tests out various features on small numbers of users. Mercifully, many features never make it past this trial phase. Bear that in mind as you read the following.

Some folks with Facebook apps on their iOS devices are noticing that Facebook is pushing pesky notifications, reminders to users to update their status.

Bijan Sabet, an early Twitter investor, posted a screenshot of one of the notifications. "Bijan, tell friends what's on your mind," the message suggested. "Post an update."

Understandably, Sabet did not seem to be particularly happy about this pesky notification. "Seriously?" he tweeted. Who wants to be nagged into sharing? Isn't social media cluttered enough as it is?

"This is a test," a Facebook spokesperson told NBC News plainly when we reached out for more details about what I'm dubbing the "Nagging Notifications of Doom." For the sake of Sabet, other individuals who are part of the test, and my sanity ... let's hope the test is a failure.

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