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Fans remix 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' trailer after uproar

Aliens Colonial Marines
Gamers have not only complained about a new trailer for the forthcoming gameSega

Gamers have been very excited about the forthcoming "Aliens: Colonial Marines" game. After all, the title — which launches Feb. 12 — has been pitched as not only an intense thrillride in which we will get to gun our way through the famed face-huggin' Xenomorph aliens from the movies, but also as the true spiritual sequel to the beloved second "Aliens" movie.

But gamers were decidedly NOT excited about the newest trailer for the game released this week by publisher Sega. Not only did they decry the trailer's cheesy dialog and horrible voice acting, the game's own writer chimed in on Twitter to point out that he had not written the trailer dialog and that that dialog would not appear in the game. 

Here, you can check out the trailer in all its cheesy glory right here:

But a few talented folks didn't just complain about the trailer. They did something about it. A Rock Paper Shotgun reader going by the name UberWaz remixed the trailer, removing the voiceover and, instead, putting the original James Horner score over the top.

Bam! Much better. Check it out:

Meanwhile, BoingBoing reader Pat David simply fixed the trailer by removing the voiceover and leaving the original music and sound effects. Bam! Also much better:

And YouTube user RazorPigg altered a few of the shots for more suspense and, of course, dropped the voice over. 

Bam! You know the drill:

Sometimes you can say so much more by saying nothing at all. So shhhh, bad voice actor. Shhhhhhhh!

 Via BoingBoing

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