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Feds may be checking out your Facebook profile

some disturbing documents People applying for U.S. citizenship :

  • Reasonable: "Of course, there are good reasons for government agencies and law enforcement officials to use all the tools at their disposal, including social networks, to ferret out fraud and other illegal conduct," the EFF acknowledges in its findings.
  • Creepy: According to one memo, the citizenship verification initiative engages in "armchair psychology by assuming a large friend network indicates narcissistic tendencies.'" What's more, it assumes "a user’s online profile always accurately reflects her offline life," and suggests "there’s nothing to prevent an exaggerated, harmless or even out-of-date off-hand comment in a status update from quickly becoming the subject of a full citizenship investigation."

People belonging to specific demographics:

  • Reasonable: The EFF lauds the SNMC's inclusion of the Fair Information Practices Principles in the project, and the minimization of "Personally Identifiable Information" (PII) in the project.
  • Creepy: It's not clear whether the information collected was deleted following the inauguration. What's more, recent studies find that with the right software, people can be "re-identified" even without their "Personally Identifiable Information."

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