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First trailer for 'Jobs' injects drama into Apple's history

Open Road Films / YouTube

Apple fans have been eagerly awaiting "Jobs," the biopic based on the life of the company's charismatic founder and leader, Steve Jobs, who died in late 2011 — and the first trailer has just made its debut. Starring Ashton Kutcher, it's clearly an "inspired by a true story" version of things, but will likely delight the former CEO's many admirers.

Focusing on the man rather than the company, "Jobs" starts with the Steve's famous dropout from Reed College and subsequent travels and bohemian lifestyle, illustrating his friendship with Apple I inventor Steve Wozniak and the founding of Apple Computer Inc.

But things quickly (or at least, in the compressed time of a trailer for a biopic) take a turn for the worse when management and money issues come into play. The trailer may take artistic license and err on the side of the dramatic, but Jobs's life and career were undeniably dramatic to begin with.

That said, Wozniak himself has had some choice words about the way he and Jobs are portrayed, calling the depiction "totally wrong." Early screenings brought mixed reviews, as well, citing Kutcher and an uncritical view of Jobs as flaws.

You can watch the trailer above or wait until August 16 if you'd prefer to wait and see the whole thing. If it's a bit too over the top for your taste, you can always wait for the other upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, which is written by Aaron Sorkin (of "The West Wing" and "The Social Network" fame) and promises to be a bit more understated.

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