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Flaming Lips iPhone symphony will blow your mind

You're doing it wrong!: The Flaming Lips will walk you through the process ... with some seriously bad back lighting.
You're doing it wrong!: The Flaming Lips will walk you through the process ... with some seriously bad back lighting.YouTube

Creating a song meant to be listened to as a whole via 12 separate YouTube videos streaming simultaneously — preferably on iPhones — sounds like an AWESOME idea! You know, if you’re high ... and/or crazy-brilliant genius Wayne Coyne of "The Flaming Lips."  

Unlike your average stoner, if you’re crazy-brilliant genius Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, that song actually happens. "Two Blobs F**king," the band's first new music since 2010’s "The Flaming Lips & Stardeath And White Dwarfs With Henry Rollins And Peaches Doing 'The Dark Side Of The Moon,'" is now live (and uncensored) on YouTube, complete with a homemade 2:22-minute instruction video on exactly how to listen to it.

"'Two Blobs F**king' was created specifically for iPhone-type devices," reads the marketing material heralding its release. "Imagine the lo-fi symphonic joy that you, along with family, friends, pets, and others, will create at the touch of a button. The more devices, the more harmonic possibilities can be constructed. You and your device, at one with the music, become the orchestra, just as the Gods of Technology naturally intended it to be."

Yes. Just imagine it. Because, you know, if you are high (which is bad!), imagining it is pretty much all you’ll probably get around to.

If you do have the get-up-and-go to get this song done, you may suffer the fate of this poor Flaming Lips fan who posted the following on the band’s YouTube channel: "I'd love to try this but seriously ... I'll never be able to round up 11 other Lips fans who also happen to own iPhones."

Head on over to The Flaming Lips You Tube Channel to experience "Two Blobs F**king."

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