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In-Game News: Vita's Japan launch, 'Star Wars' dancing


Please enjoy this round up of the day's most interesting bits of news and culture from the wide world of video games. 

The portable Sony PlayStation Vita saw long lines for its Japanese launch over the weekend, but reports suggest the initial shipment of 700,000 units didn't completely sell out. Some early adopters performed an autopsy on the system, while others performed tests to find that downloaded Vita games load more slowly than those on retail game cards.

Japanese developer Tecmo Koei is combining its historical tactical RPG series Nobunaga's Ambition with Nintendo's popular, critter-collecting Pokémon series to create the most Japanese mash-up this side of "Dynasty Warriors Gundam." Check out the trailer for a taste of the insanity.

You'll come to "Kinect Star Wars" for the ability to wield a virtual light saber, but a new ESRB rating reveals you might stay for a "dancing mini-game" that features "gyrating ... hips/buttocks" and "partially exposed cleavage/buttocks" on the female characters.

If you like indie game hit "Minecraft" but just think it's too 3D, try out "Minicraft" — "Minecraft" creator Markus "Notch" Persson created it in a 48-hour programming sprint during the recent Ludum Dare game making competition.

Paying for games before you play them is so 2009: Apple data shows that more than half of its top grossing iOS apps are free-to-play games.

Speaking of free-to-play games, EA's free-to-play "Need for Speed World" is now offering a limited edition car for $100, though it's currently on sale for $75. I'm pretty sure I could get a beat-up-yet-functional old Datsun for that price!

One house + two computers + 20,000 Christmas Lights = A playable "Angry Birds" house! From the makers of the 2009's playable "Guitar Hero" house!

Any guesses as to what's inside the 3DS' Circle Pad Pro that Nintendo recently announced for the U.S.? If you guessed a lot of empty space, you were right!

Speaking of the 3DS, Paris Louvre museum will soon be using the portable device as an interactive, visual guide to its art collection.

Finally, an obsession with "Mafia Wars" led to a real life embezzling charges for one Augusta, Maine administrative assistant.

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