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Good evening, may this iPad take your order?


Who needs a waiter when you have an iPad?

Based on their new restaurant concept, Paul Motenko and Jerry Hennessy — the co-founders of BJ Restaurants — appear to be mulling that particular question.

The idea behind the concept, STACKED, is that people can enjoy quality food at a lower price if a restaurant allows them to place orders on an iPad instead of using waiters.

Motenko and Hennessy will demonstrate this idea by incorporating iPads in the soon to be opened STACKED locations. There, customers will be able to create and customize dishes easily by entering their selections on the touchscreen devices:

For example, a guest will use the tableside iPad to select a certified Angus beef, chicken, turkey, salmon or vegetarian burger, and then choose from four different buns, and dozens of cheeses, toppings and sauces that range from garlic aioli and Wasabi mayo to caramelized onions and roasted peppers. Or they may choose a signature burger such as the surprisingly flavorful option with fried egg, Swiss cheese, bacon and sundried tomato aioli topped with fresh potato chips on a brioche bun.

As a bonus, customers will be able to store their favorite menu items for future visits or even place orders in advance for faster service.

In theory, this arrangement sounds convenient, but we wonder about how it will be in practice. There's a lot that can go wrong: iPads can be dropped and damaged, thefts can occur despite security systems, and greasy fingers will cover the devices' screens with food stains.

And even if none of those things turn out to be an issue, there'll always be that customer who'll hog an iPad to play Angry Birds for four hours.

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