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Google back in the Santa-tracking game

Santa Tracker
Google's Santa Village.Google

The famous NORAD Santa Tracker may have switched over to Bing maps this year, but Google has created its own tools to let you keep up with the Saint Nick this Christmas.

Google's full suite of Santa apps launches on Dec. 24, when you'll be able to watch him fly in real-time over the ho-ho-whole world, either on Google Maps or via a handy "Santa's Dashboard." The latter keeps track of the total distance Santa and his reindeer have covered, where he's going next, and the number of presents delivered.

Until that time, you can entertain yourself with the twee little Santa's Village Web app, an adorable little virtual diorama packed full of little holiday-themed games and toys. You can make Santa call a friend, or pilot a jetpack-equipped elf and collect lost presents.

Santa's Village, and later Google's Santa Tracker, can be visited here.

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