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Google brings Ramadan traditions online

Google's bringing tradition and technology closer together by putting a digital spin on the holy month of Ramadan.

As explained in a blog post by Maha Abouelenein — Google's head of communications for the Middle East and North Africa — the search engine giant will have a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing Islamic prayers live from Mecca, a new YouTube channel which will offer 50 "premium Ramadan shows" on the same day that they air, and Google+ Hangouts which will begin after sundown.

The Google+ Hangouts will coincide with the traditional evening break-the-fast meals (called the "Iftar") and involve celebrity chefs who will share recipes, doctors who will give pointers on healthy eating habits, actors who'll talk about their favorite Ramadan shows, poets, religious figures and more.

The Google Arabia page on Google+ offers more info on these events and activities.

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