Google Home Can Now Recognize Who’s Speaking to It

When talking to your Google Home, you'll no longer be just some anonymous voice.

The smart assistant is now able to support linking different accounts to one Google Home, allowing the artificially intelligent assistant to distinguish who is talking to it.

Image: The new Google Pixel phone is displayed next to a Google Home smart speaker
The new Google Pixel phone is displayed next to a Google Home smart speaker, left, following a product event in San Francisco on Oct. 4, 2016. Eric Risberg / AP, file

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The enhanced feature lets people living in the same space fully utilize all of the personalized features the assistant has to offer.

For instance, you can ask your Google Home to tell you what's on your calendar for the day. Your spouse can do the same and get a personalized rundown of his or her own schedule.

While the idea of a smart assistant being able to recognize your voice may sound slightly off-putting to privacy-conscious consumers, Google says the voice analysis only happens on your device.

The feature is already available in the United States and is expected to be rolled out to the United Kingdom in the coming months.

Want to give it a try? Make sure you have the latest version of the Google Home app and then choose "multi-user available." From there, you'll be able to link accounts.

When prompted, say "OK Google" and "Hey Google" twice each. The smart speaker's neural networks will learn what you sound like — and next time you ask for your commute time or Spotify playlist, it will give you what you want — and your spouse or roommate can do the same.

We had an early hint last week Google Home may be able to distinguish between voices, after Google appeared to shut down a Burger King advertisement that had been designed to trigger the Google Home to share more about the Whopper burger.

Hours after the advertisement made the rounds, Google Home stopped responding to the man's voice in the advertisement, asking: "OK Google, tell me about the Whopper burger." However, when personally asking Google Home about the sandwich, users were still able to get the full, delicious spiel from the smart assistant.