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Google's Street View camera rigs have been hard at work in palaces and museums throughout the world, documenting not just the art within, but the hallways and architecture that surround it. As it happens, that also means photographing a great number of mirrors, which are plentiful in places like the palace at Versailles. The result is an inadvertent selfie — sometimes funny, sometimes a little scary.

You can navigate around the Google Art Project's virtual tours of the locations looking for mirrors, but Tumblr blog "The camera in the mirror," curated by Spanish artist Mario Martinez Santamaria has already documented dozens of instances. Warning, though: Some art pictured (including the top one at the time of writing) may not be safe for work. The ghostly, draped figure of the camera setup in these empty yet opulent surroundings is strangely unsettling. As The Daily Dot puts it, "There is something Kubrickian going on here, as if '2001: A Space Odyssey' and 'The Shining' collapsed into each other." More robo-selfies await discovery at Google's museum collection on Street View.

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— Devin Coldewey, NBC News