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Google Street View tours the Kennedy Space Center

Google street view
Space Shuttle Atlantis in the Vehicle Assembly BuildingGoogle Street View

If you've ever wanted to visit a NASA Space Center and examine a shuttle up close, this may be your best chance to do so without actually flying to Florida or Texas. Google has rolled its Street View gear through Kennedy Space Center, and you can now view everything from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad.

In the Vehicle Assembly Building, you can check out the Atlantis and Endeavour shuttles, looking well-used. In the Apollo/Saturn V center, get a sense of just how massive those Saturn V rockets are. Examine the wall of mission badges, commemorating the missions of more than 100 launches and landings. Google's blog post detailing the project has all the links you need.

Don't look for any astronauts or engineers, though: it looks like they cleared the place out before Google swung by with their Street View car and trolley.

Street View equipment on the Kennedy launch padGoogle

There are tours you can take of the Space Centers, of course, but there's something special about wandering around at your own pace, examining things up close and getting a feel for the place. There's a lot to explore, so take your time.

Kennedy is the latest in a series of on-site Street Views of famous landmarks and areas. Others you might want to check out: 10 Downing Street in London; Shackleton's hut in Antarctica; the Rio Negro in Brazil; and several national parks in California.

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