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Guinness to recognize achievements in iOS and Android games

Guinness World Records Gamers Edition
Guinness World Records

For years, the Guinness World Records has recognized high scores in arcade and console games. But what about titles on smartphones and tablets? Guinness is looking to cover those as well with the upcoming Top Mobile Gamer Challenge, which runs April 27 to 29.

Starting Friday, those who play "Mega Jump," "Slam Dunk Basketball" and "Monster Shooter," available on iOS and Android, will have their high scores uploaded via Klip, whose Swarm technology rewards offers real-life rewards for virtual achievements. The overall highest scores for each game will be eligible for Guinness records.

Winners will have their names listed in the Guinness World Records 2013 Gamers Edition, set to be published of January of next year, and will get certificates officially recognizing their feats.

Usually, for a world record to be set or broken, the participant must be in a specific place and supervised by a  Guinness official. Fortunately for many gamers, all that's necessary to be a world champ in this case are the apps and phones.

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