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Helmet calls for help when you wipe out

Image of ICEdot on a helmet
A sensor attached to a bike helmet or other protective headgear sends an alert via your smart phone when you crash hard and can't get recover.ICEdot

Sometimes, wearing a helmet isn’t enough to prevent bad things from happening when you wipe out. Thankfully, you’ll soon be able to put a sensor on your noggin protector that will call for help should you crash hard and can’t get up.

The after-market sensor is paired with your smart phone, allowing the “in case of emergency” system to detect and record data on motion, changes in force, impacts  and, crucially, your coordinates.

The ICEdot Crash Sensor triggers an alarm and initiates an emergency countdown when it senses a wipe out, say after you hit a stump on a mountain bike, cross your ski tips in the powder off the backside at your favorite mountain, or swerve into a car while bicycling to work.

If you’re unable to silence the alarm, the system’s smart phone app notifies your emergency contacts with your GPS coordinates so that help can be dispatched. 

The system makes good sense for adrenaline sports junkies and bike commuters alike. It could also be helpful to construction workers or anyone else doing something potentially dangerous in remote locations – assuming there’s cell reception.

The ICEdot Crash Sensor is expected to be unveiled at the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas later this month and will likely retail for $200, according to Gear Junkie.

For more information, check out the promotional video below.

 – via Gizmag, Earth Techling 

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