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High-tech toilet is super-luxe - and super expensive

Thomas Crapper might be awed -- or horrified -- by these babies.
Thomas Crapper might be awed -- or horrified -- by these babies.INAX

There are plenty of high-tech toilets out there, yessirree, Bob. But from Japan now comes perhaps the throne of thrones, a toilet that does everything for you except ... well, you know.

The Regio, as it's called, combines "a well-thought-out balance of automated function, comfort, hygienic cleansing, and antibacterial technology," all wrapped up in a "Zen-like, minimalist design," says maker INAX.

For example, if you thought LEDs are just for the latest TVs, think again: this head has got LEDs illuminating not only the "foot area" of the toilet, but the bowl's interior — that's right, the bowl's interior — as well. And you get to choose "relaxing music" to help you .. relax ... as the lid "automatically opens to uncover its heated seat."

Here are some of the rest of the details, in words from INAX itself:

Complete relaxation goes uninterrupted when the industry’s first automatic “Silent Stream Flushing System” delivers a powerful, yet quiet air-driven flush that is no louder than a gentle, murmuring brook. An air purifier then activates, emitting ions that cleanse the air in the room. Simply walk away, and Regio will self-clean and return to its resting position. When not in use, REGIO saves energy by automatically powering down. Hygienic and eco-functional advantages round off the long, impressive list of REGIO’s attributes. A refreshing personal cleanse comes by way of two spray nozzles with sensitive temperature and water pressure controls to ensure a thorough feminine and posterior wash. Environmental responsibility is demonstrated via INAX’s own water-conserving Dual Silent Stream Flush System, which efficiently uses the least amount of water (1.1 GPF, 1.6 GPF) possible to fully clean the bowl and ensure a complete flush every time.

And, of course, no need to worry about germs. The manufacturer uses its own "Hyper Clean" surface technology that includes a "super smooth, hard and non-porous glazed surface together with an antibacterial treatment" to keep the ick away. "Hyper Clean significantly reduces bacteria and mildew growth on the surface of Regio’s unique bowl design, making the cleaning process effortless," INAX says.

All this Zen-like froufrou will cost you, though. In "Brilliant White," it's $5,900. In "Noble (Matte) Black," it's a whopping $7,350.