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How to fight pirates? With anti-piracy hoses, of course

Image of water curtain in action
A wildly swinging water hose blasts through a curtain of water in a new system designed to combat pirates on the high seas.YouTube / DigInfo TV

Water fights appear set to move from a staple of the backyard barbecue to combating real-life pirates on the high seas thanks to some clever engineering.

The "Anti-Piracy Water Curtain" is an array of high-volume, on-board water fire hoses going full blast as other newfangled hoses wiggle around wild and crazy. 

The intent is to scare off would-be attackers from a distance and make life wet, slippery and miserable for those who dare attempt to board.

"If a pirate boat approaches, with this system, the first line of defense is to threaten to capsize the pirate boat by filling it with water at the rate of over 1 cm per minute," Kensuki Mori, the project’s principal researcher at Japan’s Monohakobi Technology Institute and NYK Group, told online video news site DigInfo TV

"Another tactic is our patented hose, which is a new idea. By spraying water from the nozzle tip, the hose is made to move around unpredictably, using a very small amount of water," he added.

The system is a step up from other water-based anti-piracy systems, which use water cannons to spray high-pressure jets at attackers, the news site notes. 

The technology should be a welcome addition to the ongoing battle against pirates, especially around the Horn of Africa, where increasingly sophisticated attacks have escalated in recent years

-- Via Popular Science and DigInfo TV 

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