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How to protect your Facebook info

Here's how:

  • Click "Account" on the top right corner of your Facebook profile.
  • From the dropdown menu, click "Privacy Settings."
  • On the bottom left corner of the page, click "Edit your settings."
  • This should bring you to a page titled: "Choose Your Privacy Settings & Applications and Websites."
  • See "Applications you use" – it's the first item on the page.
  • Within "Applications you use," you'll see two choices. 1. "Remove unwanted or spammy applications" (lets you pick and choose) 2. Turn off all platform applications (will disconnect you from all applications, as well as outside websites and Web pages you "like.")
  • "Remove unwanted or spammy applications" (lets you pick and choose) Clicking the above option will bring you to "Applications, Games, and Websites > Applications you use.

"Turn off all platform applications."

  • Click the above option. If you're currently using any games or other applications, you should get one of those "are you sure?" type prompts that says:

If you turn off platform, you'll be disconnected from all applications and websites. That means friends won't be able to use them to interact with you, and information and settings you've saved may be permanently deleted. To disable all applications at once, click "Select all."

Keep your friends from sharing your information

  • Return to "Choose Your Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites"
  • See "Info accessibility through your friends" -- it's the second item on the page.
  • Click "Edit Settings"
  • "Info accessible through your friends" should pop up on the page.
  • Uncheck everything. Click "Save Changes"

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