If You Keep Missing the Supermoons - the Next One Will be an ‘Extra Supermoon’

The biggest, brightest supermoon to ever grace the skies in the 21st century is coming November 14 — and you had better take it all in, because a supermoon like this won't come around again until 2034.

Image: Supermoon Total Eclipse
The perigee full moon, or supermoon, appears red on the autumn sky from the vicinity of Salgotarjan, near Budapest, Hungary, in 2015. EPA/Peter Komka HUNGARY OUT Peter Komka / EPA

A supermoon happens when there is a full moon on the same days it is in perigee, which is the closest point in the moon's orbit to Earth.

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Supermoons can be 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than a plain ol' full moon, according to NASA.

While we just had one in October and there's another one in December, the supermoon coming this month is extra special because it "becomes full within about two hours of perigee — arguably making it an extra-super moon," NASA said.

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Want to check it out? Set your alarm.

For sky gazers in North America, the best views will begin the early morning of November 14, since the moon will turn full by 8:52 am ET, according to NASA.

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