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From jazz songs to pinball machines, fans pay tribute to BioShock

If you're one of the many Bioshock fans (not-so) patiently waiting for the next (and now delayed) installment in the popular game franchise to arrive in the year 2013, try to take some comfort in the fact that you're not alone.

Fans of the first-person shooter games with a dystopian bent have been trying to find ways to while away their "BioShock Infinite"-free days ... and they have been coming up with some pretty clever ways to kill/fill their time.

For starters, comedian and video game fan Brent Black (a.k.a. Brentalfloss) has put together his very own "BioShock" theme song -- one that puts all the underwater weirdness from the first games into words ... and then sets it to an old-timey jazz tune:

Won'tcha come on down to Rapture, jam a needle in your armIt'll slowly corrode your genetical code, but it's all part of the charmSo you're a gross abomination, but in time you're gonna be...So glad ya came on down to the best little town at the bottom of the deep blue sea

Check it out:

Brentalfloss is the same guy who gave us the "Team Fortress 2" country-fried theme song and put lyrics to the "Civilization" theme song. (You can buy an entire album of his magical musical hilarity through iTunes right here.)

Meanwhile, Swedish pinball enthusiast Robert Bjärmyr has been busy painstakingly crafting this entirely custom-made Bioshock-themed pinball machine. Here's just a brief look at the display: 

Check out the nearly-completed cabinet here and here.

So what have you been doing to fill your BioShock-free time?

Via Kotaku, Engadget

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