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Job seeker sends Double Fine a resume you can play

Marius Fietzek's application
Marius Fietzek

The Double Fine Kickstarter has officially wrapped up, so it's time for a game to be made. And since the scope and scale has widened considerably, thanks to the much larger than anticipated budget, there's a chance that Tim Schafer & company might need some help. Which is what Marius Fietzek, resident of Germany and adventure gaming aficionado, is hoping. But instead of passing along a resume, he made a game instead.

The interactive resume depicts Fietzek walking into Double Fine’s office and asking for an internship. The player assumes the role of Double Fine's receptionist, who must interview the perspective employee himself. It can be played here.

It’s reminiscent of the old LucasArts adventure games that Schafer and his mentor (plus current Double Fine employee) Ron Gilbert are best known for. The dialogue especially is just as whimsical and witty as in "Maniac Mansion" and "Monkey Island," but it still gets all the essentials that one finds in a CV across, including employment history and technical skills.

As Kotaku points out, Schafer did essentially the same exact thing when he applied for Lucasfilm back in 1989:

Tim Schafer's application
Double Fine

Time will tell if the same tactic will work for Fietzek as it did for Schafer.


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