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Justin Bieber vs. 'Joustin' Beaver'

Joustin' Beaver

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber is no stranger to being satirized and ridiculed. That's simply the price one must pay for super stardom. But the game "Joustin' Beaver" was perhaps too much, prompting a cease-and-desist order. In response, the game's developers have filed a lawsuit to defend their actions.

The cease-and-desist was originally issued two weeks ago. Bieber's representatives believe the game is cashing in on the performer's likeness, and infringes upon his trademark, as well as publicity rights. Meanwhile RC3, makers of "Joustin' Beaver," are claiming that it is a parody and protected by the First Amendment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, RC3's lawsuit reveals negotiations began shortly after the cease-and-desist was filed, but an agreement could not be reached. RC3's suit aims for legal verification that its game does not constitute the misappropriation of Bieber's identity and that it is protected under freedom of speech.

The game itself features the titular character going down a river on a raft, trying to defend himself against "Phot-Hogs" and come in contact with as many "Otto-graphs" as possible. It is currently still available for both iOS and Android for just one dollar.

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