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Kanye West Is Worried About Falling Paparazzi Drones

Are the paparazzi drones coming for Kanye? He thinks they could be -- and he is worried that they could electrocute his daughter.

Kanye West is afraid of drones. Not the giant, missile-carrying Predator drones but rather small, affordable drones that could be used by paparazzi to sneak a peek at his daughter North. He expressed his concern in a deposition in a lawsuit filed against him by a photographer who says he was attacked by the pop star at Los Angeles International Airport:

Wouldn't you like to just teach your daughter how to swim without a drone flying? What happens if a drone falls right next to her? Would it electrocute her?

Is Yeezy right to be worried? Well, relatively inexpensive drones have been increasingly used by filmmakers and journalists to capture sky-high video and images. And, yes, they have crashed — into triathlons and public events and even a famous Yellowstone tourist attraction. Shots of Kanye's daughter playing with her mother, famous person Kim Kardashian, in their Los Angeles-area mansion could fetch some serious cash. California's state legislature actually considered a bill to limit drone use by paparazzi, but it failed to pass.



- Keith Wagstaff