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Late "Mass Effect" voice actor gets in-game tribute


If you've played games or watched TV in the last few years, chances are you've encountered Robin Sachs, a voice actor (and proper actor) who appeared in dozens of games and shows, and, sadly, who died three weeks ago at 61. The team at Bioware have memorialized his passing with a bit of "Mass Effect 3" content honoring his character.

Sachs played Zaeed Massani, a bounty hunter first introduced in "Mass Effect 2," though he also had parts in "Dragon Age: Origins" and shows like "Babylon 5" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." He could be found in the cargo hold, always ready to recount a war story or two.

Bioware is commemorating their work together with a special multiplayer event they're calling Operation: Tribute. Following a Reaper ambush, players must "honor and avenge our comrades who fell," with bonus points going to those doing so with a Zaeed-like loadout.

The event lasts through the weekend, and follows the announcement of the Citadel DLC, which features some of Sachs's last work. That final addition to "Mass Effect 3" will be arriving on March 5.

More info on Sachs's work can be found at his IMDB page.

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