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Leaked photos allegedly show next-generation iPhone's motherboard

9to5 Mac
The folks at 9to5 Mac speculate that images of an iPhone motherboard provided by a WeiPhone forum member suggest the next-generation iPhone will have redesigned antennas and a whole new battery.9to5 Mac

Reports suggest that the next-generation iPhone will be announced on Sept. 12, so it's no surprise that we're seeing more tid-bits of information dripping out of the gossip pipeline than through a decent colander.

The latest gem? Photos which allegedly show the next-generation Apple smartphone's motherboard.

As 9to5 Mac's Mar Gurman reports, the photos were provided by a member of the WeiPhone forums, a Chinese-language community that focuses on Apple news and gossip.

The images don't really tell us much  — particularly because they do not show a processor  — but what they do suggest, Gurman explains, is that the SIM card used by the next-generation iPhone could be a new "Nano-SIM" format. Additionally, the pictured part's battery connector appears to have five pins — rather than the four pins found on the current generation device — and might indicate that the next iPhone will have a new higher-capacity battery. Oh, and there seem to be more antenna connections as well, which could mean that the next iPhone might offer LTE connectivity.

Considering that some of the details offered by these photos do support some of the rumors we've head over and over — LTE connectivity, higher-capacity battery, and so on — they might be worth keeping in mind. After all: The particularly persistent rumors tend to pan out ... except when they don't.

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