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LinkedIn gets a redesigned homepage

LinkedIn unveiled a redesigned homepage Monday, one that takes away some of the clutter that was starting to dominate the site.

Call it an update or a badly needed professional makeover, LinkedIn's spiff-up brings a cleaner look and makes it easier to find things. For most people, that means finding other people — it's a professional social network, not Pinterest, for goodness sake (although the new look bears some resemblance to Facebook).

LinkedIn product manager Caroline Gaffney said in a blog posting, where you can check out the new look, that the changes are being rolled out over the next several weeks, so all 161 million users worldwide won't see them immediately. 

Gaffney wrote that the "simpler and cleaner design makes it easier to navigate the page and quickly find the updates you’re looking for — whether that’s a news article your boss has recently shared or it’s to see who has just started a new job."

Users will also will be able to see "the most important network updates and articles" at the top of their feeds, and there are bigger and better (LinkedIn calls them "richer") visuals for "easier scanning and viewing."

More specifics about the changes are shared on this LinkedIn help page.

That clutter-y Twitter feed is already gone, but that's not at LinkedIn's behest. Twitter sought that change recently because of its own "evolving platform efforts." 

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