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Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Meet You...Yes, You

Zuckerberg is famous for setting and achieving ambitious New Year's resolutions, which have ranged from learning Mandarin to killing what he eats.
Image: President Obama Speaks At The Global Entrepreneurship Summit
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University.Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to meet you. Yes, you.

The billionaire is famous for setting and achieving ambitious New Year's resolutions, which have ranged over the years from learning Mandarin to killing what he eats.

This year's goal: to finish visiting all 50 states and to meet new people in each one.

"I've spent significant time in many states already, so I'll need to travel to about 30 states this year to complete this challenge," Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post. "My work is about connecting the world and giving everyone a voice. I want to personally hear more of those voices this year."

If you think that sounds like a goal fit for a future political servant, your hunch could be right.

While Facebook and Zuckerberg haven't commented on any hypothetical political aspirations, various reports, which have not been verified by NBC News, have claimed the CEO discussed with two board members the possibility of working in government service.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Zuckerberg's post touched on the divide in the United States, suggesting he wants to make sure he meets the so-called silent majority that propelled Donald Trump to victory.

"After a tumultuous last year, my hope for this challenge is to get out and talk to more people about how they're living, working and thinking about the future" he wrote.

So how does the busy CEO — who has also been hard at work on an initiative to cure disease through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative — plan to pull this off, while also running Facebook?

He's planning on some good, old-fashioned road trips with his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan.

The couple plans to visit small towns, universities, and "fun places you recommend," meeting with teachers, scientists and others along the way, Zuckerberg said.

It's unclear if they'll travel by car or if Zuck will spring for a campaign-style bus for his great American meet and greet.

And ever the campaigner... err, connector, Zuckerberg wants to make sure his Facebook followers know when he's in town.

He promised to share more details soon about how the Facebook community can follow him as he makes progress toward his goal, adding: "I hope to see you out there!"