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Music video filmed using only iPad 2s

It took a talented musician, a film company, and a crew of dancers 25 hours to record a music video recently. The kicker? Eight of those 25 hours were spent waiting in line to purchase the four iPad 2s used to shoot the video.

TUAW reports that singer Eddy and her crew decided to use only iPad 2s to shoot the music video for her song "Need." And while the clip isn't particularly amazing by general music video standards, it does demonstrate the capabilities and flexibility of Apple's latest gadget quite well:

The crew treated the iPads as professional cameras by attaching one to a steadicam rig, one to a Cineslider and one to a handheld rig. The fourth and final iPad was held by the singer herself and makes its cameo appearance in a few parts of the video.

After five hours of filming, it was off to the editing studio where it took 12 hours to put together the final video:

Now, this certainly isn't the first time that someone shot a music video exclusively using an iOS device. iPad DJ Rana June Sobhany used an iPhone 4 to shoot and edit the video for her song "Solace" in July of last year — after waiting for nine hours to purchase the device:

We have a hunch that neither of those examples will be the last time that someone will attempt to use an iPad, iPhone, or other random gadget to record a music video. 

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Rosa Golijan writes about tech here and there. She's a bit obsessed with Twitter, loves to be liked on Facebook, and would absolutely record a music video on her iPad 2 — if she could actually sing well.