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'My TSA Horror Story' blogs your airport nightmares

grimacing airport security agent a new blog "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested." a man was left covered in urine and crying

  • A woman who describes herself as a prior victim of sexual assault leaves the 10-minute pat-down by in "a very unstable state. As I collected my things I felt like I had been violated all over again."
  • A man accompanied by his wife describes his six-year-old son's "aggressive pat down," the boy "pleading for me to help him and I was admonished for trying to comfort him."
  • In a cautionary tale, another traveler describes how a TSA agent's "intrusive pat down" turned up $5000 and the marijuana joint the passenger stowed in his underpants. He received summons for the dope, he says, but was allowed to board his flight.

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