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New 'Grand Theft Auto V' screens show exploration, destruction

Rockstar Games

A new batch of screenshots from the next installment of the "Grand Theft Auto" series was posted by developer Rockstar on Wednesday, and while they're rather stylized, they do show off a few new features of the highly-anticipated game.

The 10 new shots appeared on Rockstar's official blog, without any commentary other than that they were in fact from the current generation of consoles and not the next. They highlight the variety of locations and conditions players can expect, from stormy docks to tranquil country roads.

Rockstar Games

Skydiving and scuba diving are also shown, confirming that the game's hijinx will not be limited to the land. And in keeping with the usual "GTA" style, there's a bit of wanton destruction, with the character Franklin masked and assaulting a burning police car with a minigun.

"Grand Theft Auto V," which promises to be the biggest game yet in the series, will hit stores on Sept. 17.

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