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What You Need to Know About Nintendo's Edgy New Console

It will cost a bit more than analysts expected.
People line up for Nintendo's new video game console Switch during its presentation in Tokyo on Jan. 13.Kazuhiro Nogi / AFP - Getty Images

Nintendo's new hybrid gaming console is a real "switch" from the company's previous lineup.

Details on the hotly anticipated Game Boy-style Nintendo Switch system were revealed at an event in Tokyo Friday.

Nintendo teased the console in October with a video, but gamers were left with many lingering questions. Finally, we have some answers.

The new Nintendo Switch video game console, which is scheduled for launch in March of 2017.Nintendo / SIPA via AP

What is the Nintendo Switch?

In October, Nintendo made it clear the Switch is a console, but also has a component perfect for taking with you on the go, harkening back to the glory days of the Game Boy.

When Can I Buy It?

The Switch is available for pre-order now, and the first gamers will be twiddling their thumbs on it when it arrives March 3.

How Much Does It Cost?

The bad news: At $300, it costs a little more than some analysts expected. Various reports had pegged the price at $250, which is a sweet spot for gaming consoles.

On the bright side, you're basically getting two gaming devices in one unit, which doesn't make it seem so bad after all.

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What Games Are Available?

When the Switch was first announced in October, Nintendo shared a list of a few dozen developer partners, including Electronic Arts and Sega. You can expect about 80 games for the Switch and some old Nintendo favorites, including Legend of Zelda.