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Players of 'Star Trek Online' warned of a security breach

Star Trek Online
Cryptic Studios

Denizens of the "Star Trek" universe have many threats: the Romulans, the Cardassians and the Borg to name a few. But for players of "Star Trek Online," there is an even greater enemy right now: hackers.

Cryptic Studios, developer the massively multiplayer online Star Trek game, and a number of other MMOs, experienced a user account database breach 16 months ago -- and are are only warning users about it now.

According to a recently posted notice, the unauthorized party was able to access user account names, online handles and encrypted passwords. Despite passwords being encrypted, the notice says that the hacker has been able to crack "some portion of the passwords in the database."

All accounts that Cryptic Studios believes were breached had their passwords reset and their users have been notified via email. The company also says there is the possibility that additional information was obtained, including full names, email addresses, date of births, billing addresses, and either the first six digits or last four digits of registered credit cards.

Cryptic Studios is investigating the matter and says it is taking further action to strength their systems. Meanwhile, some, including Naked Security, are asking why it took the studio 16 months to make such news public. No explanation has been given yet.

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