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PlayStation 4 controller adds motion, touch controls


Today's Sony event announcing the PlayStation 4 brought confirmation to rumors of a sophisticated new controller that integrates traditional and motion controls in the same device.

The Dual Shock 4 controller looks more or less like the leaked pictures seen in recent leaks. It's similar to the old dual-stick setup with directional pad and buttons, but it adds a couple new features: A touchpad like the PlayStation Vita's on the front, and a light bar that acts both as a player indicator and a PlayStation Move-like motion controller.

There's a stereo camera that tracks the controller, but apparently not the players themselves. Also added was a "share" button that allows instantaneous review of the last few minutes of gameplay, from which the player can select a portion to upload. A live demonstration of how easy this is drew applause from the audience at the event.

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The share button and touchpad on the DualShock 4.Sony

Sony claims to have improved both latency and the rumble function, so you'll have more responsive controls and more forceful feedback. A headphone jack completes the package, making headphone gaming easier.

One last bonus: If someone else is using the TV, you can stream games to the PlayStation Vita and use that as a controller instead.

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