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'Please Don't Stalk Me' site helps you lie about your location on Twitter

Please Don't Stalk Me
Please Don't Stalk Me

At this point, most security-conscious folks leave location information out of their tweets. But sometimes there's a reason to include those details — or to fib about them. A website called Please Don't Stalk Me can help you with that latter part.

As the Next Web's Nick Summers points out, the website could be useful in many situations. What if you wanted to pretend that you're at home while you're calling in sick and running off to a party? What if you needed to include tweets in an elaborate cover story for your life as a spy?

You get the idea.

The way Please Don't Stalk Me works is simple. You just grant the site permission to access your Twitter account and then pick a location on a Google Maps interface. You enter your tweet and ta-da! Suddenly you could have everyone convinced that you're tweeting from your home office while you're actually sitting on a beach.

Of course, none of us would ever do such a thing because we value our supervisor's trust far too much. Ahem. Yes, that's it.

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