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'Portal' creator to reveal 'quirky' new game

Kim Swift - one of the co-creators of the original
Kim Swift - one of the co-creators of the originalValve

If you're a fan of games like "Portal" and "Left 4 Dead" and you've got yourself a golden ticket to this weekend's Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, then you won't want to miss out on a Saturday night panel discussion in which Kim Swift — project lead for those very games — reveals her next project.

Game publisher Square Enix on Monday announced that they have partnered with developer Airtight Games — where Swift now works — on a "secret joint project" that will be revealed during the PAX discussion.

Swift — who previously worked at Valve Software on the first "Portal" game as well as the zombie-fighting "Left 4 Dead" games — left the company in 2009 for Airtight. Swift is the creative director on the as-yet-to-be-revealed game. And according to a Square Enix press release, she and other members of the development team will explain to the PAX crowd "how they are bringing an incredibly fascinating and quirky game to life."

Airtight Games, which posted the above image on its website, says the development team is working on a game that isAirtight Games

Of course, expectations are high for whatever Swift has in store. First-person puzzle game "Portal" was a stunning, ground-breaking and very much loved title that one could certainly describe as "fascinating and quirky."

Meanwhile, Airtight Games — which previously developed "Dark Void" — is maintaining the mystery. The company posted an image from an unnamed forthcoming game on its own website, explaining, "We are currently working on another ambitious AAA title in a genre that is both unique and refreshingly unexplored as well as an exciting new mid sized game with all kinds of physical possibilities."

The panel discussion will take place on Saturday at the Washington State Convention Center at 7 p.m. in the Pegasus Room.

Generally speaking, PAX is a great place to hear about and play new video games and watch for companies to reveal games for the very first time. Unfortunately, if you don't already have a badge, you're out of luck. This year's expo has sold out.

Games editor Todd Kenreck and I will be at the Penny Arcade Expo Friday through Sunday. Stay tuned to In-Game for all of our PAX coverage.

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