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Pre-caffeine tech: App updates, baby Platypuses!

nswnationalparks via BuzzFeed

Look, it's not that we wouldn't like to do this, but realistically, how can we agree to a "digital detox" and completely unplug for 24 hours? Here's what those behind the "National Day of Unplugging," from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, hope you will do

Well, you know ... as more of us turn our lives over to apps, or programs, that we download onto our smartphones, tablets, and now some TVs, our reliance on the Web itself is changing, says a new report.

Speaking of apps, Kindle just updated to support multimedia, including an HTML5-based format was previously only is use on the Kindle Fire.

Speaking of updates, a bunch of AT&T phones are getting Ice Cream Sandwich updates

Meanwhile, Google rushed out its panoramic Street View maps in Thailand on Friday as part of the country's efforts to show tourist hot spots have recovered from last year's floods.

The FBI sure ain't with that recent ruling about GPS tracking devices.

Hundreds of thousands of social media messages have spread the word about Trayvon Martin, a black teenager who was shot to death Feb. 26 by a neighborhood watch volunteer, as social media aids angst over the case

Remember that guy who hacked those naughty photos on Scarlett Johansson's cell phone? He just pled guilty to charges that could get him up to  60 years in prison.

The EFF warns that  exposure to video game labeling laws may be hazardous to your Freedom of Speech.

Speaking of video games, now you can BE Don Draper in a "Mad Men" 8-bit video game on YouTube!

And now, because it's Friday, and nobody wants to go with me to Australia, 15 adorable photos of baby Platypuses! (Dang, but them things are weird!)

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