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Pre-caffeine tech: Apple news, 'Star Wars' too

Good news everybody! The Verizon iPhone is now available for any ol' body who wants to pre-order.

What's more, Apple is cranking up production on iPad 2, which is reportledly lighter, bigger and comes with a built in camera for video conferencing and whatnot. (But can it compete with Android tablets? Hmmmm ...)

Check it out — here's Steve Jobs in his first TV appearance when he was just a wee 23-year-old. And here's what Steve Jobs looks like when someone makes a portrait of him using every Apple product ever.

Google Translate is coming to an app store near you!

A "Do Not Track" option is available on the latest Beta version of Firefox — and for some reason, advertisers are not cool with it.

Meanwhile, a malicious Facebook campaign will help you spread your very own social network scam!

That dude who embedded a camera in the back of his head for art or education or whatever, isn't doing so good health-wise.

And kids these days! This 7-year-old tried to buy a fighter jet on eBay!

Either the kid isn't a "Star Wars" fan, or he didn't know about this AT-AT he could've picked up for $450.

Speaking of "Star Wars" — that movie isn't so easy to follow when it's retold in icons. But it looks cool!

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